Don't-Miss Input device Stories

How to Use Your Console Gamepad With Your PC

Games aren't the same without a gamepad under your thumbs. Play on your PC with your Xbox 360, PS3, or PS2 controller--and other game devices.

Bring Your Middle Mouse Button to Life

That middle button is often ignored, but you can tap its potential for browsing more efficiently, scrolling quickly, and more.

Make the Most of Your Middle Mouse Button, Part 4

There's one last way to get some extra use out of that third button: Click it, hold it, and drag your mouse to scroll up or down on a page. Very handy!

Make the Most of Your Middle Mouse Button, Part 3

Today's "Middy" tip is all about folders inside your browser--and what happens when you middle-click one.

Make the Most of Your Middle Mouse Button, Part 2

Today's tip: clicking that often-overlooked middle button to quickly and easily open a Web link in a new tab.

Make the Most of Your Middle Mouse Button

Are you neglecting that "middle child" of mouse buttons? Here's one easy way to get some extra use from it.

Parlay Your Photos Into Holiday Cards and Calendars

Use image-editing software and Websites to turn your digital photos into handcrafted greeting cards and other holiday gifts.


Are You Neglecting Your Windows Key?

A tap of the Windows key takes you to the Start menu, where--in Vista and 7--you can start typing to dynamically search for apps, files, e-mail, and the like.


Get More From Your Mouse

Use your mouse wheel to scroll tabs in Office and open new tabs in Firefox--plus, never double-click again.


Reduce Cable Clutter with Flush-Mount USB Desk Hub

Got 12 bucks and a grommet hole to spare? This cool hub mounts flush inside your desk.

Dump the File Cabinet and Scan Your Important Papers

Sue Bulot wants advice about digitizing all of her important papers

When Your Laptop Screen Breaks

James dropped his laptop and broke the screen. What should he do?

How Do I Create a Bootable Flash Drive?

Margaret T. wants to boot from a flash drive and work on documents from there