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Speed up boot times and make Windows a bit more responsive with these Registry tweaks.

Secure Your Tech Gear

Check out these tips to stay safe on public Wi-Fi networks, keep your printing sessions secure, recover your lost or stolen tech, and more.


Hardware Tips: USB-to-IDE/SATA Adapter, USB Drives, Laptop Parts on eBay

Tips for using a USB-to-IDE/SATA adapter, running programs from flash drives, and buying laptop parts on eBay.

How to Fix Your Laptop

Having problems with your laptop? This collection of how-to's could just help.

Laptop Battery Not Charging

Myloginname asked the Laptops forum what to do about a battery that's not charging

Geek 101: How to Fix Minor Chips and Repaint Your Laptop

Does your laptop look like you dropped it on the pavement? Fix it up with these simple steps.

Three Laptop Parts You Can Replace Cheaply on eBay

Laptop repairs don't have to cost a fortune. Very often you can get parts for a fraction of what the manufacturer charges.

Is Always-On Data Making Context Tags Obsolete?

Now that your smartphone lets you do almost any digital task anywhere, who really needs context tags anymore?

How to Start a Business for Free

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get your startup up and running. Here’s a handy guide to doing business for the absolute minimum in expense.

Essential Gear for Pajama-Clad Professionals

Do you work from home? Power-lunch in your pj's? These indispensable items will enhance your live-work environment.


Windows Task Manager: A Troubleshooting Tool

Slow PC problems? Don't be so quick to reboot--you might be able to cure what ails you with some Windows Task Manager tricks. Here's how.

Make Your Own Wrist Rest

Here's how to create a simple and comfortable wrist rest out of a sock and some rice.

Make Multiple Monitors Work for You

Instead of using your extra monitor as a means of catching up on last night's episode of Family Guy, use it to be more productive.