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Don't think of travel time as downtime. Think of it as focused productivity time.


Five Steps to a Better New PC

Just bought a new PC? Here's how to ditch the bloatware, get the apps you want, and make sure it has all your important data.


15 Common Small-Business Tech Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

15 Common Tech Mistakes Small-Businesses Make (and How to Avoid Them)

Your Worst-Case-Scenario PC Survival Kit

Whether you’re in a safe house, on the lam, or weathering the End of the World as We Know It, you’ll want to check out this collection of worst-case-scenario tips, apps, and downloads for your PC and smartphone.


Hotkeys, Macros, and Gestures: Save Time With Your PC

Want to automate your most frequent PC tasks? Here's how to map common PC actions to the keyboard buttons (or mouse gestures) of your choice.

PC Spring Cleaning: Automatically Organize Your Files

Here's how to find and eliminate PC clutter--and automate file organization so that it never crops up again.


Laptop Not Charging

Bballgurl84life's laptop battery isn't charging.

Prepare Your PC for Future Data Disasters

You've reinstalled Windows and restored your data. Now learn how to make the restore process smarter, safer, and easier next time.


Speed Up Windows by Stripping It Down

Windows has plenty of features that you can turn off to speed things up. Here's how to find the features you don't need.

Monitor Resolution Too High

Artman's laptop screen has a 1900 x 1200 resolution, which makes the text too small and hard to read. He asked the Windows forum for help.

Stream Live TV to Your PC

Why buy an HDTV when you have a perfectly good screen right in front of you? Here's how to stream live TV to your PC.


How to Divorce Your Tech Vendor

Follow these 7 tips to protect your IT assets -- and essential company data -- from a service provider breakup gone bad.

Speed Up Your Laptop

Asus70 asked the Laptops forum for speed-up tips