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The Cisco Cius business tablet offers a unique combination of features.

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Reading on the iPad is a joy, and writing can be too. Here are eight apps--and a few tips--that can make both experiences even better.

Pimp Your Laptop

Skin it, stick it, etch it, paint it--check out these ways to make your laptop PC look unique without breaking it (or your bank account).

Laptop vs. Netbook vs. Smartphone

Work, school, and play: Which portable computer is the do-everything device for you?

Install a Touchscreen in Your Netbook

Tired of your netbook's tiny touchpad? Here's how to install a touchscreen.


Editing Word Documents on an iPad

Unlike the iPhone and iPod touch, the iPad was designed with the needs of typists in mind. The screen size, the large virtual keyboard in landscape orientation...

Laptops in Cars

R. Baunach asked if the inertia of a moving car can hurt a spinning hard drive

The Procrastinator's Guide to PC Maintenance

You want to keep your PC running smoothly, your apps updated, and your data safe--but you're lazy. Here's how to keep your PC healthy while expending the minimum amount of effort possible.

How to Fix Anything

PCs, printers, smartphones, cameras, networks--your stuff will inevitably stop working. Here's how to troubleshoot and fix your most common tech issues.

My Screen is Sideways

The Windows screen on Viksvetā€™s laptop flipped sideways; the Answer Line forum offered help


How to Mod Your Laptop

Have you ever wanted to liven up your laptop's looks? Here's how to spruce up your portable PC with stickers, paint, fabric, and more.

How to Fix Your Family's PC Problems

Are you the first line of tech support for your friends and family? Here's everything you need to troubleshoot for the not so tech-savvy.


5 Playful Tech Pranks

Here's how you can play pranks on your family, friends, and coworkers with the tech they use every day--and avoid like-minded mischief makers.