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Caring for Your Laptop

Jeremy Sutherland wants advice on keeping his laptop healthy.

Free Explorer App, Firefox Toolbar, Touchpad Tamer

Simplify your computing life with free tools: Windows Double Explorer, Multirow Bookmarks Toolbar, and TouchFreeze.

Make Your Laptop MagSafe With This DIY Mod

Ever pulled on your laptops power cord and dragged your portable computer with it? This recent mod aims to put a stop to that.


Fix a Computer That Won't Stay Asleep

Behind-the-scenes Internet access could be giving your PC insomnia--especially if it has a wired Ethernet connection. Here's how to keep it asleep.

Laptop Buying Guide: Selecting the Right Laptop for You

Whether you want a compact netbook, a beefy desktop replacement, or an all-purpose laptop, our advice will help you make the best choice.

Laptop Buying Guide: Shopping Tips

If you're ready to buy a new laptop, these handy tips will help you select the perfect portable.

Laptop Buying Guide: Making Sense of the Specifications

Shopping for a laptop, but unsure about the features you need? Here are the most important laptop specs to consider.

Raise Your WIndows IQ: Learn Your Laptop's Power Settings

Don't fall victim to your PC's unreliable standby mode. Instead, do like bears do, and choose hibernation.

Disaster-Proof Your PC: Image Your Drive, Make a Backup Plan

Here's how to prepare for disaster by imaging your hard drive and setting up a data backup system.

Top 8 Holiday How-Tos

Home for the holidays? Play with your new HDTV, iPhone, digital camera, laptop and other gear and software by using some of our favorite DIY instructions.

Last-Minute Gifts for IT Guys

Want to show a little appreciation for the geeks in your life? Here are eight easy gift ideas that are sure to please any nerd you know.