Don't-Miss Laptop Stories

How to Make Your Laptop Run Quieter and Cooler

If your laptop is choking on dust, it's time to give the cooling fan(s) a cleaning. All you need is five minutes and a can of compressed air.

How to Stay Safe on Campus: 5 Easy Tips

Keeping your PC and gear safe on campus isn't hard! Here are the steps you need to take in the dorm room, in the library, and in the classroom.

Hardware Tips: USB Flex Adapter, HDMI Monitors

Reduce USB cable clutter, learn how to force an HDMI second monitor to run full-screen.

The Bootable Maintenance Flash Drive

Fixing your friends' computers? Carry a bootable PC toolkit in your pocket.

Why Is My PC Slow?

Does your system seem sluggish? We look at some reasons why your desktop or laptop may have lost some of its pep, and offer some tips for helping it recover.

How to Ensure That Your Gear Is Physically Secure

Prevent hardware theft and snooping by using these devices.


Tablet or Netbook? How to Choose the Right Mobile Tech

Are you torn between buying a portable PC or a trendy tablet? What about your smartphone? Here is one editor's attempt to find the best mobile tech for him.

How to Install an SSD in Your Laptop

Laptops are ideal candidates for solid state drives: These drives are more rugged and shock resistant than standard hard drives, since they have no moving parts.


Backup on the Road

Matt travels on business a lot. He asked the Answer Line forum for suggestions on backing up his data while on the road.

5 PC Upgrades Almost Everyone Does Wrong (and How to Do Them Right)

Upgrading your PC's hardware can be easy, but there's a right way and a wrong way to do each task. Here are five upgrades that most users do a half-baked job on, and tips to help your upgrade go flawlessly.

How to Keep Your Data in Sync Across Platforms and Devices

Keeping your contacts, calendars, and other data synced across all your mobile devices and PC platforms isn't as difficult as it seems.

How To Keep Connected While Flying and at the Airport

Here's how to stay online in-flight.

Surviving a PC Meltdown: Syncing With SugarSync, Restoring From Mozy

Learn how to secure your data in the cloud, restore it after a crash--and get YouTube to run on your new PC.