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5 Ways to Cut Your Storage Footprint

Trimming your data footprint cuts costs for hardware, software, power and data center space, and it eases the strain on networks and backup windows.

Wire Your Home for Ethernet

Here's how to lay the nervous system for the ultimate home network by putting ethernet in walls throughout your house.

Make Your Own Ethernet Patch Cables

Save some money on ethernet cables by assembling spare cable, plugs, and boots into just the length you need.

Should I Turn Off My Router?

Keith Stanley asked if turning off his router will protect his computer from malware

Wireless Security: Help Employees Avoid Hot-Spot Hazards

Here's how to ensure that employees don't reveal private data when they log into public Wi-Fi networks at hotels, coffee shops and Internet cafes.

Network in Window 7's XP Mode

RonE asked the Windows forum why Windows 7’s XP Mode can’t see other computers on the network

Simple Steps to Take for Smart IT Investments

Spending on IT is expected to ramp up in the second half of the year. Here are tips to consider before leaping to make new purchases.

Moving Day: How to Protect Your Company During a Relocation

Moving dangers include theft and espionage, in addition to broken equipment and stubbed toes. Here's how to plan a company move that minimizes hassles and maximizes security.

Can a Relative or Roommate Spy on Me?

If you're both adults, can someone you're living with spy on your Internet habits?

How to Get Started With a Blade System

Is a blade server right for your small business? Here are the factors to consider if your company is looking at blade technology.

Update the Firmware on Your HDTV, Camera, Smartphone, PC, and More

Software updates aren't just for PCs any more. Here's how to fix bugs and add new features to your existing hardware with a few easy patches.

Reader Q&A: Fix PC Clock, Troubleshoot XP Shutdown, Test Wi-Fi

Rick answers reader e-mail about a computer clock that's slightly off, a Windows XP system that won't shut down, and troubleshooting slow Wi-Fi connections.

How to Share Printers on a Network

Sharing printers across a network distributes their cost as well as their functionality. Here's a quick network printing guide for small businesses.