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How to Stream the 2010 Vancouver Olympics From Anywhere

Whether you're crazy for curling or addicted to alpine skiing, here's how to keep up with Winter Olympics coverage without chaining yourself to your couch.


How a Virtualized Server Saved One Small Business

Moving an aging Windows 2000 server to a virtual machine keeps the company working smoothly while turbocharging the data center.

Track Down Network Problems With Wireshark

Diagnosing some network problems requires a comprehensive view of your infrastructure and traffic. Wireshark surfs your network to help you identify problem software, hardware, and users before they take down your network.

3G vs. Terrestrial Broadband

Phil Kunde wants to know if cell phone-type 3G Internet access makes a better choice than conventional broadband

Set Up Your Home Network, Windows 7 Edition

Here’s how you can get your Windows 7 PC to share printers and files with XP and Vista PCs--and even a Mac.

Speed Up Everything

Is your PC dragging? Does your broadband network creep along at dial-up speeds? Do Web pages take forever to load on your smartphone? Don't wait! These fixes will get you back into the fast lane.

Diagnose a Bad WiFi Connection

B2CAC asked the Answer Line forum why his laptop couldn’t connect wirelessly to his router

Nonprofit Network Overhaul Assists Families of Ill Children

Memphis-based IT pros give Ronald McDonald House Charities an extreme-tech makeover.

How to Manage Users in Windows 7

Use Windows 7's built-in tools to manage multiple users on your PC and your network.

A Guide to Windows 7 Networking

For home, the office, or in between, here's how to set up a network with Windows 7.

Get to Know Windows 7's Home-Networking Features

Windows 7 is packed with features that make home networking easier and more fun than before. Here's how to get started with file sharing, media streaming, and more.

Upgrade to Gigabit Networking for Better Performance

Get faster file transfers, smoother video streaming, and better network gaming with the fastest PC networking tools.

Migrate Your Outlook Express Inbox

Petrie asked the Answer Line forum how to move Outlook Express messages to a new PC