Don't-Miss Networking Stories

Multi-Function File Host Could Save You Money

Egnyte combines online backup, storage, and more, saving hassle and cost of running multiple solutions.

Add WiFi to a Very Old Laptop

Raul Maristany wants to add WiFi to aging laptop. Is it possible?

Automated Tool Tracks Business Hardware and Software

Network Inventory Advisor saves time from manually maintaining a list of PC software and hardware details, even alerting you if an employee makes a change.

How to Find Other PCs On Your Network

Tips and tricks to make sure your network runs smoothly.

High-Speed Internet on a Plane: Where to Find It

Which airlines are most likely to keep you connected in the sky? Find out in our update.

Smartphone Tool Improves IT Response Time

Rove Mobile Admin could reduce your technology downtime by letting IT workers manage issues from a smartphone.

Access Server-Hosted Windows Applications Anywhere

Cloud-based, virtual applications can run PCs and smartphones, improving your connectivity, shifting costs from up-front to monthly, and streamlining software maintenance work.

Keep Your PBX, But Save With SIP Phone Calls

SIP hardware can often interface with medium- and large-company PBX systems, letting you quickly shift to less-expensive VoIP service.

$599 All-You-Can-Fly JetBlue Deal Relaunches Business Travel

Travel as much as you want for a month at a fixed flight cost, visiting customers to rebuild personal connections.

Three Ways to Reduce Your Communications Costs

Here's how to stay in touch this summer during an extended absence--without spending a lot of dough.

Pay-as-You-Go Internet

Spending a chunk of time away this summer? The first thing to figure out in creating a virtual office is how you'll get affordable, fast Internet access.

Online Contract Workers Can Help Any Business Save

8KMiles connects businesses with its global network of workers, saving money over employee costs.

Save Money with Per-Minute Cloud-Computing Billing

CloudLayer per-minute billing can avoid waste if you only need cloud services on occasion.