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How to Recreate 13 iPhone 3.0 Features Right Now!

Can't stand waiting until the summer to get all the latest iPhone 3.0 improvements? We've tracked down 13 features that you can get right now using both third-party and Apple-sanctioned applications!

Wi-Fi Superguide: How to Build the Ultimate Wireless Network

Connect desktop PCs, wireless laptops, game consoles, and almost anything else through a wireless router.

8 Sites to Help You Network

8 niche social networks deliver the introductions business owners need.

Is the Problem With My Modem or My Router?

Margie Miller keeps losing her Internet connection. Is it the router, the modem, her PC, or something else?

Connect Two or More PCs--Anywhere, Anytime

Want to hook up multiple computers even when you're not on a network? In a pinch, you can create an ad-hoc network to transfer files or share an Internet connection.

Block Quake Live to Boost Office Productivity

Free shooter Quake Live plays in a browser; keep this web app off work PCs.

How-To: Use Your iPhone as a Wireless Laptop Modem

The next time you’re stranded without an open WiFi network (but your 3G signal is going strong), you’ll be glad you installed Addition’s iPhoneModem 2 (free to try, full license is $9.99).

Find Yourself on Google Latitude Without GPS (or a Phone)

With just a Wi-Fi network, your laptop can sense its location in Google Latitude and Google Maps.

Find Out If Your ISP Is Throttling Your Internet Service

Are you really going to trust that your ISP isn't throttling your Net connection? These tools will let you find out for yourself.

Control a Remote PC with Ease for Free

Among several free (and paid) options, LogMeIn remotely drives a network PC with little hassle.

Manage Telecommuters Without Losing Your Mind

Putting a secure and well-thought-out telecommuting plan in place at your company may yield a happier, more productive workforce.

Log In and Configure a Router

Use your default router settings to gain access before configuring a network.

A Quick Fix for Slow Internet Access

Pokey connection got you down? Try this quick fix to restore broadband goodness in a matter of minutes.