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Use your default router settings to gain access before configuring a network.

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Use these super testing tools to test and track practically everything about your PC--including its hard drive, Internet connections, and inside-the-case hardware.

Buy, Lease--or Move to Cloud Computing?

When it comes to selecting new hardware and software for your business, you can buy, lease, or opt for cloud computing. We'll show you which options will save you money, and which could cost you big.

Block Ports to Restrict Online Access

Use router settings to keep employees honest.

Buy a Shredder Big Enough for Small Business

Don't save money if it will cost time.

Essential Gear for the Business Traveler, Part 1

Traveling lightly is a must these days, but Jim Martin found two gadgets worthy of a spot in the carry-on.

Gotcha: Projector Resolutions

To avoid distorted images in your presentations, match the resolutions of your notebook and projector.