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Building your own NAS is a great way to safeguard and share your data, without breaking the bank. We'll show you how to get started.

Want to Revive an Old Netbook? Try Lubuntu

This "light" edition of Ubuntu Linux is perfect for pokey netbooks. The only tricky part is installing it.


Jailbreaking 101: Which Tool to Use to Hack Your iDevice

So, you’re thinking of jailbreaking your iOS device, are you? Here’s a guide to picking the right tool for your iDevice.


Soothe Your Sore Eyes With F.lux’s Time-Sensitive Lighting

This cross-platform utility automatically adjusts your display lighting based on the time of day.

5 More PC Upgrade Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

Upgrading your computer can be easy enough for most people. But it's not without its pitfalls. Here are five common upgrade mistakes that even experienced users make.


How to Best Utilize the Windows Key and Taskbar

These Windows tricks and workarounds will make your applications quicker to launch, your files easier to find, and your PC simpler to manage.



How to Fix the Small Stuff in Windows

Here are a few tricks to help streamline your Windows experience.

Revert OS X Lion's Page Scrolling To the Old Direction

Mac OS X Lion reverses the direction that pages scroll when you roll your mouse wheel or gesture with your trackpad. Here's how to set it back to the old scrolling direction.

Windows Tips: Customize Taskbar, Add Passwords to Folders, Zip Files

Learn how to change Windows 7's taskbar display, password-protect folders, and compress files.



How to Make the Most of Windows Accessories

Here are a few ways to maximize the accessories that already come with Windows.


Microsoft Email Programs Explained

C. Moore needed clarification about Microsoft’s assorted email clients


How to Revert to iOS 4.3.3 From iOS 5 Beta 1

There's a reason it's called beta software. Contrary to popular belief, you can downgrade from iOS 5 beta. Here's how.


Reader Q&A: Windows XP Service Pack Woes, Firefox 4 Tips

Rick explains how to force a Windows XP Service Pack to install and restore Mozilla Firefox's orange button.