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The List: 57 Amazing Things You Didn't Know Your Tech Could Do!

Here are all 57 of the tips and tricks we've pulled together for PCs, laptops, smartphones, cameras, the Web and more.

Fix Common Windows Woes With Hassle-Free PC

PC World blogger Rick Broida tells you how to turn off Vista's Disk Defragmenter, get XP to shut down gracefully, and find loads of online Windows help.


Tweak Windows Folders With Hassle-Free PC

PC World blogger Rick Broida shows you how to get folders to open and display as you wish, and automatically restore folders when rebooting.


How to Instantly Shut Down Your PC

Keyboard shortcuts and other tips to shut down and log off fast.


Connect Two or More PCs--Anywhere, Anytime

Want to hook up multiple computers even when you're not on a network? In a pinch, you can create an ad-hoc network to transfer files or share an Internet connection.

The XP to Windows 7 Upgrade Path

Lucky52716 asked the Answer Line forum if XP users will have to upgrade to Vista before upgrading to Windows 7.


Make Windows Easier to Use With Hassle-Free PC

PC World blogger Rick Broida shows you how to keep networked PCs in sync, get your scroll wheel to work properly, and tweak your Control Panel interface.


Make Your Scroll Wheel Work in Every Window

Mouse-wheel scrolling doesn't work the way it should in all programs. Here's a quick fix to make it work consistently, everywhere.


Disaster! How to Retrieve a Lost Windows Password

We show you techniques and tools that help solve the problem.


Tweak the Start Menu's Control Panel Interface

Get quick access to your Control Panel options without leaving the Start Menu.


How-To: Use Your iPhone as a Wireless Laptop Modem

The next time you’re stranded without an open WiFi network (but your 3G signal is going strong), you’ll be glad you installed Addition’s iPhoneModem 2 (free to try, full license is $9.99).

Tweak Vista Icons, Add Shortcuts With Hassle-Free PC

PC World blogger Rick Broida helps you create a VPN shortcut, resize taskbar previews, and make Vista look more like Windows 7.


How to Improve Windows Vista's Performance

These tips and techniques make your OS go faster.