Don't-Miss OS X Stories

How to Stop Operating-System Attacks

Ads for DriveCleaner, WinFixer, Antivirus XP, Antivirus 2009 and others pop up on PCs all the time, but the software may be fraudulent or ineffective. Also: Mac users need security updates, too.


Can Someone Steal My Windows Product ID?

Ahmed Olatunde wonders if someone can copy his Windows Product ID from the sticker on his laptop, and use it to install Windows on another machine.

Don't Fear the Penguin: A Newbie's Guide to Linux

Linux has an undeserved reputation for being complex, cryptic, and difficult to use. With this simple guide, you can get started using Ubuntu Linux today.


Set Up Windows 7 With Help From Hassle-Free PC

PC World blogger Rick Broida has tips for setting up a dual-boot Vista-Windows 7 machine and migrating to a new PC.


Windows 7 Public Beta: First Impressions

Is Windows 7 shaping up to be the cure to Vista's many woes? We took the public beta for a spin to find out.


Secret Tech Tips From Hassle-Free PC

PC World blogger Rick Broida reveals how to turn on a hidden Windows Vista feature, make your own ringtones, and change IE's default search engine.


Is it Safe to Just Ignore Windows' Service Packs?

Don Dalton installed Vista's SP1 update, encountered "a multitude of problems," and uninstalled it. Can he safely go on indefinitely without it?


Fast Fixes for Common PC Problems

Struggling with dead components, a recalcitrant Windows, and uncooperative applications? Our easy hardware repairs, simple software remedies, and quick tweaks will put your PC in the pink.


Secure Your Vista PC in 10 Easy Steps

You don't necessarily need an expensive security suite to lock down Windows Vista. Here's how to do it using free software and a few easy system tweaks.

Reinstall and Restore Your Windows PC in Eight Easy Steps

Eliminate problems and improve performance by wiping out Windows and reinstalling it from scratch. Here's a simple guide to help you back up your data and restore your PC quickly.

Ubuntu Linux: The Easy Installation Guide

By default, the easy installation for Ubuntu Linux leaves many of the operating system's best and most basic features partly disabled or limited. We show you how to bring out the full potential of this free OS.


15 Tech Secrets for the Serious Road Warrior

Use these smart mobile tech tricks to create your own wireless hotspot out of a phone or laptop in a pinch, protect your laptop from grab-and-dash thieves, and communicate with anyone anywhere.

How to Reinstall Windows XP

Give Windows XP a fresh start by reinstalling the OS.