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Answers to Vista Users' Nagging Questions

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How to Prevent a Data Disaster

If a natural disaster wipes out your hard drive, it will probably destroy your local backups, too. Here's a backup plan that will get you through even the worst-case scenario.

How to Change the Background in Any Photo

With the lasso tool in your photo editor, you can change the backdrop in any family snapshot and make it look like you've traveled the world.


What to Do When Windows Gets Really Messed Up

Even when Windows routinely gives you the Blue Screen of Death, all may not be lost. We'll show you how to restore both your data and your sanity.


How to Do Everything Faster

22 smarter, more efficient ways to make short work of common tech tasks--from reinstalling Windows to crushing spyware to setting up a Web site.


Linux Replacements for Your Favorite Windows Apps

You may be intrigued by the idea of switching to Linux. But how will you get your job done without your favorite Windows programs? These 18 great open-source apps make life with Linux easier.


How to Speed Up Windows Vista

Vista's Service Pack 1 may not give your system much more oomph, but here are other ways to speed Vista up.


Shift Any Version of Windows Into High Gear

Use the OS's own tools to maximize your PC's performance without spending a dime.


How to Install Windows Vista

Add Vista to your system with this simple guide.