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Travel Smart: The Best Tech Gear for the Road

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Mobile Malware Reality Check

Smartphone malware isn’t yet as big a threat as you might think, but it’s coming. Here are some tips to help you avoid it.


Catch Notes Mobile App Collects All Your Notes and Reminders

Looking for a worthy alternative to Evernote? This simple mobile app and Web service lets you collect it all, and make timer-based reminders out of notes.

How To Unlock the Hidden Facebook iPad App (Again)

Yesterday, Facebook accidentally leaked their official iPad app, then quickly blocked it. Today, hacker chpwn released a tool for jailbroken iPads that unlocks the hidden app once again.


Tablets Help a Business Stand Out, Improve Client Care

For a popular oral surgery practice seeking to stand out from the competition, adding tablet PCs has also improved the experience for patients.

The Best Office Alternatives for Android Tablets

Looking to get some work done on your Android tablet? We tested four top productivity apps to see if they're ready for business.

How to Connect Google Calendar to Your Cell Phone

We show you how to connect Google Calendar to your cell phone, so you can manage your schedule any time, any where.


Shiprack Tracks Shipments from Your Android Phone

This handy Android apps tracks multiple deliveries simultaneously, and lets you add new tracking numbers via email.

Run a Small Business From Your Smartphone

Office space is overrated. Here's how to take care of business from your phone.

How We Test Tablets

Have you ever wondered which tablet is right for you? We test them all in the same way to help you figure it out. Here's a basic rundown of PCWorld Labs' tablet testing process.


How to Clean Your Smartphone

Keeping your phone clean can prolong its life--follow these tips to keep it looking and performing like new.


How to Set Google+ Privacy Settings

For years, rumors have circulated that Facebook’s privacy blunders would cause a mass exodus, and some users say they feel safer using Google+. Elsa Wenzel shows you how to modify settings and keep your profile private.