Don't-Miss Phone Stories

7 Technology Habits of Smart People

I can't help you lose weight or stop smoking, but I can give you a few ideas to make technology work better for you.

Smartphone Security: How to Keep Your Handset Safe

As smartphones grow more powerful than the PCs we used just a decade ago, they increasingly become the target of scam artists. Here's how to beef up security for your iOS, Android, BlackBerry, or Windows handset.

Search Ruling Makes Smartphone Security More Crucial

The California Supreme Court says cell phone data can be searched without a warrant, providing a powerful reminder to businesses to take data security seriously. Here are first steps.

Overclock Your Smartphone, If You Dare

Overclocking a cell phone promises noticeable performance boosts, but it also carries risks that could write-off your pricey investment.

Free Tools Consolidate Reward Cards, Share Files, and More

These free online services and apps let you create one reward card to rule them all, share huge files, and use Windows as your weather service.


5 Fixes for iTunes' Famous Flaws

Apple's iTunes has its flaws and isn't nearly as flexible as it should be. There are ways to fix some of the flaws via free or low-cost add-ons.

How to Unlock the Nexus S Bootloader

New to the Android hacking game? Here's how to unlock the bootloader on the Nexus S smartphone.


New Year's Tech Resolutions for Small Businesses

Technology isn’t going to stop moving forward. It’s time to take stock of where your company’s tech is taking you--and of how to prepare for tomorrow.

Android Tips, Tricks, and Apps from Google

Here's an assortment of suggestions and ideas for making the most of the Android mobile operating platform, direct from the horse’s mouth.

Rooting Your Android Phone: FAQ

Thinking of rooting your phone? We'll answer some of your questions and quell some of your fears.


Simplify Shopping With OurGroceries (It's Not Just for Groceries)

Share multiple lists with multiple people and stay on top of your shopping needs through the holidays and beyond.

Do College Students Need 3G Internet Access?

College-bound Crazy4laptops worries that the campus WiFi won't be sufficient. He asked if he should buy cell Internet access for his laptop.


How to Buy a Cell Phone for the Holidays

Before you hit the holiday sales, check out our cell phone buying guide for help in choosing the best phone for your money.