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Canon's Winning Customer Support: How They Do It

During my visit to the Canon Customer Support Center in Chesapeake, Virginia, I was impressed by the effort the company makes to ensure friendly support.


What to Look for in a New Printer

Pay less attention to a printer’s raw speed and more attention to how much it’ll cost you to run.

How to Make a Professional Letterhead

When it's time to kill trees and print business letters, nothing adds a professional touch like custom letterhead. Every small business should have a stack on hand. Here's how to start.

Design and Create Essential Print Materials for Your Business

How to Get Your Business Noticed on Paper

How to Make Business Brochures That Stand Out

Sure, social networking helps you reach the masses, but a brochure lets you show off your business in the real world. Here's how to create a brochure without paying a professional a fortune.

How to Make Great Business Cards

Whether you run a company or are striking out on your own as a freelancer, business cards remain essential to your image and your networking efforts. Here's how to make business cards that help you shine.

How To Fix and Avoid Printer Paper Jams

Paper jams can be annoying and can cause a mess, but following these steps will help you out next time you're in a bind.

How To Make Holiday Ornaments With Your Printer

Here's a creative and fun holiday craft you can do at home with your printer.

How To Make Holiday Nativity Scenes With Your Printer

Here's a fun, cheap, and easy way to make a nativity scene at home for the holiday season.

How To Design and Print Your Own Holiday Candles

Designing your own candle decals is a fun and easy holiday printer project.

How To Make Holiday Gift Boxes With Your Printer

Make your own gift boxes from home this holiday season.