Don't-Miss Printer Stories

How to Make a Printer the Default Printer

You can choose which printer you want to use as your default printer so that Windows and your applications know where to print. Here's how.

How to Use Less Paper When Printing

With a few quick changes to settings in Word, Excel, and other programs, you can fit more onto a sheet of paper.

How to Update Printer Drivers

Follow our simple steps to install new drivers and solve some printer problems.

Design Tips for Holiday Greeting Cards

Here are three ways to make some great holiday cards for your friends and family.

Make Your Own Christmas Cards and Photo Gifts

Print out your own personal holiday cards, and wow your friends and family with thoughtful customized photo gifts.


Five Printer Nightmares and How to Avoid Them

Everybody loves to hate printers, what with paper jams and sky-high toner costs. But with some patience--and these practical steps--you can solve common printer hassles.

How to Fix a Paper Jam

In most cases, removing jammed paper and getting your printer working again is relatively easy.

Get VIP Treatment When You Buy for Your Small Business

You could be missing out on preferred treatment and better deals when shopping for tech gear for your company. Here are some special deals that seven big retailers offer small businesses.

How to Print a Label for a CD or DVD

Print labels for your discs--simply and inexpensively.

How to Print Securely

Ensure that no one else sees your private print jobs, whether you're at home or in a public place.

How to Print Directly From Your Digital Camera

Your camera and your printer can work together. Here's how.


How to Print a Twitter Feed

Twitter's Web interface doesn't provide an option to print, so here are several ways to archive your tweets.

How to Print Labels

Use your printer to produce multiple or individual address labels, shipping labels, business cards, gift tags, CD labels, and more.