Don't-Miss Security Stories

How to Tell if a Link Is Safe Without Clicking on It

Here's what to do with a link that looks suspicious.

Was Your Email Account Hacked? PwnedList Can Tell You

Concerned about your private data in the wake of a big hack? The PwnedList website helps you find out if your online accounts were leaked during a data breach.

Root Out Rootkits with Free TDSSKiller

Can't quite clean the malware from your PC? You might be the victim of a rootkit. Kaspersky's free utility should help.

What Is Deep Packet Inspection?

Though shelved for now, if legislation like SOPA and the PROTECT IP Act ever passes, it may require your ISP to start monitoring your online activity with deep packet inspection software. Make sure you understand how it works, and how you can fight back.

Five Ways to Protect Your Email at Work

Hackers can exploit email to hack into your work accounts. But these simple techniques can help protect your email account and company data.

Restore Missing/Hidden Icons Wiped Out by a Virus

Did an infection seemingly wipe out all your icons, programs, and data? Fear not: They might just be hidden. Here's how to restore them.

Digital Signatures Let You Ditch That Old Fax Machine

E-signatures are easier than ever to make, thanks to Adobe Reader and other services. Best of all, you can say farewell to that dusty fax machine forever.

How to Keep Your PC Safe With Sandboxing

Setting up your PC to run important apps in a sandbox can help you avoid malware infections. Here's how to do it.


Malware Destroyed My Data

Malware infected Jazzy007's PC, and his data disappeared. He asked the Answer Line forum for help.

Anatomy of an ATM Skimmer Scam

Skimmers could steal your financial information at the ATM—or even at your local supermarket. Here's how to protect yourself.

Can My Neighbor and I Share an Internet Connection?

John asked if he and his neighbor could share one Internet access account

Play Hard, Stay Safe

You still need to keep data security in mind when playing games online, as recent in­­cidents have shown. To that end, here are some safeguards you can take.

Do You Speak Securitese? Five Security Terms You Should Know

Knowing these terms won’t make you a security expert—but they’ll provide a good head start on the jargon.