Don't-Miss Security Stories

Tips for a Malware-Free Android Smartphone

With mobile malware on the rise, you can never be too careful with your device and your personal data.

Did Facebook Give me a Virus?

QueenPendragon received a very scary message from Facebook

How to Check Your Credit Report Each Year

Detect identity theft as early as possible by regularly requesting a free credit report.

How to Use Strong Passwords

Reduce your vulnerability to data theft and other hacker threats by creating and using robust passwords.

How to Avoid Trouble on Public Computers and Wi-Fi

Reduce your exposure to malware and data theft by minimizing your use of public wireless networks and PCs.

How to Use an HTTPS-Encrypted Connection When Browsing

Maintain an encrypted pathway between your PC and the Websites you visit.


How to Ensure That Your Gear Is Physically Secure

Prevent hardware theft and snooping by using these devices.


How to Install a Link-Checker Plug-In

Enhance your browsing security by using an app designed to check online links before jumping you to the associated sites.

How to Lock Down Your Smartphone

Prevent malware on your mobile devices by installing suitable antivirus and security apps.


Can You be Cyber-Stalked? The 30-Minute Google Challenge

What traces do you leave on the Web? Two PCWorld editors try to dig up dirt on their coworkers in under 30 minutes.

How to Upgrade to the Latest Antivirus Software

Signature updates are essential; but every two or three years, you also need to upgrade to a newer integrated security package.

How to Keep Your Software Up-to-Date

Use automatic security updates to ensure that your system has maximum protection.

How to Encrypt a Hard Drive

Use encryption to prevent outsiders from gaining easy access to data on your hard drives and flash drives.