Don't-Miss Security Stories

Is VOIP Secure?

USANomad asked the Answer Line forum if people can eavesdrop on Voice Over Internet Protocol phone calls


Is It Malware?

Amark found OpenCandy on a PC, and asked the Utilities forum if it's malicious

How to Avoid Getting Burned by 'Sneakware'

When you install Adobe Reader X, it tries to sneak a McAfee security scanner onto your system. A keen eye can help prevent this kind of thing.

Firefox Tips, Plus a Warning: Protect Those Passwords

Follow these tips to make scrolling in Mozilla Firefox much smoother, plus a public service announcement: don't take password security lightly.

Security on a Shoestring Budget

With the right mix of open-source tools, protecting your PCs and your network doesn’t have to break your bottom line.

Scaling and Provisioning Virtual Servers

While virtual servers have proven a boon in the data center, they don't address the challenge of incrementally adding server capacity.


The Wrong Way to Manage Your Passwords

If you're storing your passwords in a Word document, Excel spreadsheet, or the like, you might as well just hand them over to hackers right now.


More on Gaining Administrator Access Without a Password

Locked out of your PC's administrator account? I revisit an old question with a new answer.

9 Ways to Keep Your Mobile Devices Secure While Traveling

What’s secure and what’s not, and how to make sure your devices don’t get hacked the next time you step out of the house.

Keep Malware Off Your Android Phone: 5 Quick Tips

As the list of infected Android apps grows, here is our advice on how to protect your Android smartphone from malware.

Free Internet Security Tools, Lightweight PDF Reader

Protect yourself for free with Flagfox for Firefox and BufferZone Pro; try the streamlined Sumatra PDF for basic needs.


Repair Your Windows PC With System Restore

The System Restore feature in Windows 7 lets you troubleshoot and repair your system by traveling back to a time before the problem began.

How to Run an Online Background Check for Free

Find out what you need to know about someone--or find out the information that's out there about you--without spending any money.