Don't-Miss Security Stories

How to Secure or Find Your Android Smartphone

If you ever lose your phone, you'll want to find it or make sure that if it's truly lost, you can protect your private information.


Small Business Networking Basics

As a company grows, a more robust network infrastructure becomes essential. Here's a simple guide to creating a safe and reliable network that keeps data protected and workers productive.

Manufacturer Boosts Productivity, Morale With IT Overhaul

How a maker of industrial equipment improved productivity and reduced costs throughout the factory floor and offices.

What You Need to Know about IPv6

A fundamental change in how the Internet works is likely to come in the next few years. Failing to plan now could cause your business to miss network security and performance benefits, and to suffer higher costs and painful outages.

Recycle Your Old iPhone for Cash

Ready to ditch that pre-4G iPhone? Here are options for earning cash back by offloading the old handset.

Super Software Secrets

From obscure options to esoteric shortcuts to arcane add-ons, here are 55 hidden gems that will help you master the programs you use every day.


Is Open Source Safe?

The IT Department won’t let Daniel Toth use open source software, believing it’s a security risk. Is it?

Going Digital Saves Medical Practice Money, Improves Patient Care

How a digital overhaul freed up funds and streamlined communication for doctors' offices.

How to Foil Web Browser 'tabnapping'

An incredibly sneaky identity-theft tactic surfaced earlier this week when Mozilla's creative lead of Firefox unveiled what's become known as "tabnapping."

Share Wireless Safely with Friends

USANomad asked the Answer Line forum how to let visiting friends wirelessly access the Internet but not his PC

Keep Your Personal Data Off the Market

Looking to sell your old PC or other data-filled gadget? Here’s what you need to know to keep your personal information safe.

Bugs & Fixes: Security Fixes for All Major Browsers

Essential patches popped up for all the big browsers. Plus: Excel and Moviemaker updates, and watch out for F1.

You Don't Have to Remember Your Passwords

Coolfoster asked the Answer Line forum for a secure way to remember passwords