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Here's how to play Nintendo DS games on your PC using the DeSmuME emulator.

How to Emulate the Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) on Your PC

Here's how to play Sony PlayStation 2 games on your PC using the PCSX2 emulator.

How to Play Minesweeper Like a Pro

Everyone knows how to play Minesweeper, but not everyone knows how to play it well. Here's how you can shoot for the world records.

Build a Gaming PC for Under $1000

Here's how to put together a bad-ass gaming PC for less than a grand.

Turn Your Gaming Hobby Into Your Small Business

StarCraft II tutors, Street Fighting lawyers, and more--meet three gamers who made their passion into their profession.

Connect an Old Game Console to Your PC

Can your computer screen double as a TV monitor for aging game consoles? Possibly, but you probably won't be happy with the results.


Free Tools Consolidate Reward Cards, Share Files, and More

These free online services and apps let you create one reward card to rule them all, share huge files, and use Windows as your weather service.


Get a Huge Windows Software Bundle for $19

This amazing deal (valued at $255) includes Plants Vs. Zombies, WinX DVD Ripper Platinum, a PlayOn subscription, and a lot more. Plus, your purchase helps an important charity!

Windows Explorer Tips: Select Files, Show Extensions, Rename Setup Files

Select multiple files fast with a hidden Windows Explorer feature, show file extensions, and rename downloaded setup files.


A Child-Safe Android Experience

Carrie wants to let her kids play games on her Android phone. She asked the Cell Phones, Mobile Devices forum for a safe way to do that.


Laptop Gaming: Optimize Performance on Portable PCs

Most mainstream laptops have modest CPUs and weak graphics cards. Here's how to tune your games for the best laptop gaming.

Email Joke Etiquette

Gerrard Gyngell asked about the proper way to forward a joke to friends

15 Awesome Things You Probably Shouldn't Do

Want to unlock your iPhone, download YouTube videos, or hack a stranger's Facebook account? It's all possible, but it's also all against the rules.