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Fix the iTunes 'Session Timeout' Error

If iTunes is constantly telling you your session has 'timed out,' you can fix it by syncing your system clock. Yes, your system clock.

Frequently Asked Photo Questions for June

Dave answers reader questions about polarizers, photo permissions, free High Dynamic Range software, and more.


How to Fix (and Find) Your Photos

Make digital photography a lot more fun--and a lot more productive--without taking shots at your wallet.


Create a Time Capsule of Old Photos

Celebrate a birthday by collecting photos from the Web chronicling years past.


Using Adjustment Layers to Tweak Your Photos

Take total control over your photos with adjustment layers.


Layers 101: Improve Your Photos by Editing With Layers

Learn the basics of working with layers in your favorite photo editor.


Digitize All of Your Old Media

Back up a lifetime of memories to digital media so they'll be able to withstand the test of time.


Frequently Asked Photo Questions for May

Dave answers reader questions about lost photos, polarizing filters, face recognition, resizing photos, and more.


Cooked Rice Vocabulary Project

Making Freerice vocabulary learning more portable


Turn Photos Into Wall-Size Posters

You'll never see it on home-improvement shows, but Rasterbator is arguably the world's cheapest way to cover a wall with cool-looking art.


Scratch Day 2009 - Computer Programming for Kids

On May 16, 2009, learn more about Scratch, the free programming tool for kids.

Five Common Photo Mistakes

Learn to avoid the mishaps that many new photographers fall victim to.


3 Entertaining Tips for iTunes, iPods, and Other Digital Music Players

Love the iPod but hate iTunes? Want iTunes on an non-Apple player? Want lyrics to show up in iTunes? We can help.