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Frequently Asked Photo Questions for February

Dave answers reader questions on how print size proportions differ from an original photo, how to control lens flare, obsolete file formats, and more.


Watch MKV Video Files in Windows Media Center

You don't have to settle for WMC's lack of MKV file support. Here's how to make Media Center play nice.

Efficiency Tips for Digital Photographers

Here are some tips to save you time and get you back to shooting photos rather than fiddling around with pixels in an image editor.


Dabble in Programming with Revolution Media

Develop attractive, interactive applications using a simple yet powerful programming language.

Change the Dates in Your Photos

Learn how to correct the date and time on your image files when your digital camera gets it wrong.


Getting Started in Digital Photography

Learn how to on choose a camera, do your research, select lenses, and develop a workflow.


Use VisiPics to Find and Remove Duplicate Photos

Tired of "doubles" cluttering up your photo library? This excellent freeware utility will find the duplicates and help you relocate them.

Frequently Asked Photo Questions for January

Dave answers reader questions about removing red eye in pet photos, understanding print resolution, permanently deleting photos from a memory card, and more.


Use iTunes to Find and Remove Duplicate Songs

You may have more duplicates in your music library than you realize. Two quick clicks in iTunes is all it takes to ferret them out.

Correct Your Monitor's Colors

Fine-tune your display settings to get the best on-screen results with your digital photos.


Three Ways to Make iTunes Run Faster

Let's face it: The Windows version is a slowpoke. Here's how to give it a little speed boost.

Avoid the Red Eye Effect

Use these five simple techniques to minimize red eye in your photos.


Add Missing Album Artwork to Your iTunes Library

Lend iTunes a helping hand with artwork it can't find in its own database.