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Six Hacks For Your Mobile Gear

Unlock your iPhone, supercharge your camera, and take your TiVo shows on the road for free. These six hacks unleash the hidden power in your mobile gadgets.


Detecting Digital Photo Fakery

What's real? Learning to tell truth from fiction in the Photoshop Age.

Eliminate Hassles With Antivirus, Flash, Task Manager, and iTunes

Get the lead out of AVG, fix the Windows Task Manager toolbar, and dump duplicate files.

Better Music, From Your PC, for Free

Easy-to-use tool helps ensure that your high-quality music sounds the way it should.


Beautify Your Photos With Blur

Add artistic accents with your photo editor or specialized software.

Turn Any PC Into a Media Center

Looking to turn your computer into the ultimate home-entertainment device? Here's how to get a top-notch media experience out of the PC you already own.

Sharpen Up Your Photos

Make your photo's subject clearer, without oversharpening the background.


Frequently Asked Photo Questions for July

Here's how to deal with a misbehaving white balance control, take good action shots, and more.


How to Build a Blog With WordPress

Tired of toying with the puny tools that cookie-cutter blog services provide? Follow the steps in this easy guide to install a WordPress blog on your own domain and personalize your Web presence.

Easy Ways to Give Your Photos an Antique Look

Use a photo editor to add sepia and authentic "grain" to your favorite picture, or doctor it on the Web.


Create Your Own Blu-ray Video Discs

From shooting great video with your HD camcorder to playing the footage back on your HDTV, here's how to turn your own home videos into high-def Blu-ray masterpieces.


Be a More Efficient Digital Photographer

These handy tips help you spend more time taking photos and less time working on the computer.


Smart Sites and Terrific Downloads

Share huge files, explore the universe, eject USB devices fast, and watch a hilarious video parody of video games and prostitution.