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Ever wondered why cameras always seem to have a folder called DCIM, and what it stands for?


The 21 Greatest PC Mysteries--Solved!

Find out why your documents won’t print, where your downloads disappear to, what a .dat file is, how those infernal toolbars invaded your browser, and much more.

How Did QuickTime Get Onto My PC?

Don't remember downloading QuickTime? Wondering whether you have to keep it? Read on to learn more.


Stupid Photoshop Tricks

Adobe Photoshop is a tool for serious image-editing professionals. It's also a tool for people who want to swap Brad and Angelina's faces, give George Bush a Justin Bieber haircut, and make an Attack of the 50-Foot Baby movie poster.


Learn Some Photography Tricks for the New Year

Start the year off right by learning some exciting photo editing techniques.


Apply the Orton Effect for Glowing, Vibrant Photos

Use your image editor to add emotional resonance to your digital photos with this layering technique.


Organize and Share Your Holiday Photos

Once the holiday bustle has settled down, use these tools and tips to organize your photo collection--and share memories with family and friends.


How to Shoot Greenscreen Video

We’ve all seen sci-fi movies with fantastic locations and futuristic sets, and most of us have heard the term “greenscreen.” But how are those fabulous scenes and sets created?


Fix Windows Picture and Fax Viewer--By Replacing It!

When one of Windows' own tools isn't behaving properly, give it the heave-ho. Here are some much better alternatives to Picture and Fax Viewer.

Windows Explorer Tips: Select Files, Show Extensions, Rename Setup Files

Select multiple files fast with a hidden Windows Explorer feature, show file extensions, and rename downloaded setup files.


Print One Picture in Multiple Sizes

Ann asked the Windows forum how to print multiple copies of the same photo, in various sizes, on a single sheet of paper


How to Print Labels

Use your printer to produce multiple or individual address labels, shipping labels, business cards, gift tags, CD labels, and more.

15 Awesome Things You Probably Shouldn't Do

Want to unlock your iPhone, download YouTube videos, or hack a stranger's Facebook account? It's all possible, but it's also all against the rules.