Don't-Miss Audio Stories

Bugs and Fixes: updates to Windows iTunes, Java, and Internet Explorer

A fix stops Java from disabling itself, and iTunes for Windows and Internet Explorer get some security tweaks.

Make iTunes Radio play more of what you want, less of what you don't

There's only so many times one can stand listening to Taylor Swift croon about her boyfriends.


Tagging in iTunes

Dealing with tags in iTunes can be frustrating. Here are some of the basics of tagging, plus some great AppleScripts that can help clean up your library in no time.

Jumpstart your recording career for free with Audacity

Produce your own music, podcasts and other audio projects with this powerful (if obtuse) open-source software.

Add an external drive to your WMP or iTunes music collection

Kat Korsmo asked how to play music off an external hard in Windows Media Player library. (My answer covers iTunes, as well.)

Learn where you can--and where you cannot--play your Google content

Aviva received a $50 Google Play gift certificate. How does Google's formats and DRM policy effect where she can enjoy the music, movies, and books she buys?


Answer Line: How to add to your music collection for free

Janisum asked the Music & Video Software forum about acquiring songs for an iPod without spending money.

Meet Plex, the media streamer that will make you forget Netflix and Hulu

Netflix and Hulu may get all the hype, but Plex's robust media management and transcoding features make it seamlessly streaming your digital media collection anywhere and anytime a cinch.

Add Folder Monitoring to iTunes 10

iTunes can automatically add new music to your library, but only if you place it in a designated folder. Here's how to make iTunes monitor any folder.

Retrieve Your Entire Music Library from Your Google Music Account

The service now lets you download all your tunes, which is great for restoring after a crashed hard drive or other data disaster.

How to Get Free Music From the iTunes Music Store

Tired of paying for music? You can find a bunch of free songs hiding in plain sight in the iTunes Music Store.


How to Get Any File to Play Back on Your Android Phone

Here is how to make your Android phone open nearly any file type be it audio, video, images, and documents.

MP3s Without Subscriptions Attached

Rommel asked the Music & Video Software where to buy MP3s without a monthly subscription fee


Convert Your Vinyl to Digital

Ferenc Hutterer asked about digitizing his phonograph collection