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Here's a handy tool that automatically resizes photos to your preferred dimensions.


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Dave answers questions about adjusting vintage black-and-white photos, setting a scanner to shoot slides and negatives, correcting perspective distortion, and other topics.


5 Things You Need to Know About Cropping

One of your photo editor's most common tools has a lot of hidden power. Here's how to use it for the best results.


How to Edit Photos With Adobe's Camera Raw

Here are some tips for using the mini photo editor that you've probably always ignored.


How to Edit Images for Free

Want to do some serious image editing without spending a lot of cash? Here are a few of the better image editors that you can download for free on your Windows, Linux, or Mac system.


Use Clone and Healing Tools to Clean Up Photos

Here's how to remove unwanted elements from your photos with a pair of simple tools.


How to Edit Photos with Windows Live Photo Gallery

Here's how to use Microsoft's free Windows Live Photo Gallery to retouch your photos.


Add a Photo Screensaver to Windows with Google Picasa

One of Google's best products has a little-known feature: a screensaver mode that works with local and online photos alike. Here's how to enable it.

Close-Ups and Silhouettes: Get a Different Perspective in Your Photos

Follow these tips for taking dramatic close-up photos of flowers and atmospheric silhouettes with your digital camera.


Android Photo Apps, Backing Up Photos on a Trip, Shooting Rainbows, and More

Dave answers questions about smartphone camera apps, rainbow photography, resizing photos, and more.