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Artistic Digital Photo Effects: Zoom Blur, Orton Effect

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Simple Ways to Create Photos With High Dynamic Range or Infinite Depth

Sure, you could use expensive HDR software or hyperfocal photography to create high-end special effects--or you could fake it and get similar results in your digital photos.


Frequently Asked Photo Questions for March

Dave answers questions about freezing action photos with a digital SLR, charging camera batteries, maximizing focus, and more.


Add a Fake Magnifying Glass to a Photo

Use your image editor to enlarge a detail in your photo and add a fake magnifying glass to peer through.


Whiten the Teeth in Your Portraits

Use these photo editing tips to get brighter smiles in portraits, if not in real life.


Learn Some Photography Tricks for the New Year

Start the year off right by learning some exciting photo editing techniques.


Apply the Orton Effect for Glowing, Vibrant Photos

Use your image editor to add emotional resonance to your digital photos with this layering technique.