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Describe Your Files

Jack Douglas wants a way to add comments or descriptions his files

Print One Picture in Multiple Sizes

Ann asked the Windows forum how to print multiple copies of the same photo, in various sizes, on a single sheet of paper


How to Get Rid of Red Eye

Here's how to prevent red-eye either while you take photos or while you edit them.


Four Ways Photographers Can Use Microsoft Paint

Learn some unexpected ways to take advantage of the free Paint program in Windows.


Fine-Tune Your Photographic Miniature Planet

Now that you've created your own tiny world, here's how to fine-tune it in your image editor.


Turn Photographic Panoramas Into Tiny Planets

Use your own photographic panorama and your image editor to make an eye-popping stereograph.


Blur the Background for Punchier Photos

Here's how to use your image editor to change the depth of field in your photos after you take them.


Frequently Asked Photo Questions for August

Dave answers questions about free high dynamic range software, formatting memory cards, selling photos online, and more.


Edit and Organize Your Photos for Free With Picasa

Here's how Picasa stacks up against Windows Live Photo Gallery as a free way to edit and store your photos.

Make Your Own 'Transparent' Display

With a few clever photography tricks and some tweaks in your favorite photo editor, you can create the illusion of a see-through PC monitor.


Windows Live Photo Gallery Wave 4: Five Reasons to Try

There's a treasure trove of free photo tools in Microsoft's new Windows Live Essentials.


Get Started With Paint.NET

Give Adobe Photoshop a rest and learn how to use the powerful free photo editor Paint.NET.


Two Ways to Remove People From Your Vacation Photos

Use your image editor to eliminate unwanted distractions from your travel photos long after they're taken.