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The Computer Maintenance Flash Drive

Andy Ludlum asked me to recommend portable diagnostic programs to keep on a flash drive.

How To De-Worm Your iPhone

iPhone behaving badly? Here's how to find out if you've caught a worm--and how to get rid of it.

Pros and Cons of Windows 7 Security

Windows 7 is the most secure version to date of Microsoft's flagship desktop operating system, but its not perfect. Here are some of the ups and downs of Windows 7 security.

Microsoft Provides Guidance on Windows 7 Zero-Day Vulnerability

Microsoft has issued a Security Advisory related to a reported zero-day vulnerability in Windows 7. Here's how to protect your systems pending another patch.

Protect Your PCs from Windows 7's Zero-Day Exploit

A new zero-day bug has hit Windows 7. Here's how to keep it from harming your PCs.

Nonprofit Network Overhaul Assists Families of Ill Children

Memphis-based IT pros give Ronald McDonald House Charities an extreme-tech makeover.

A Guide to Windows 7 Security

Lock down your PC, protect your data, and safeguard your network with Windows 7's security tools.

Reuse an Old PC

Amgpac asked the Answer Line forum about booting up a PC that’s been off for three years

Protect Your Privacy on Facebook and Twitter

Here's how to safeguard your identity and your personal data in the age of the social Web.

Multi-Function File Host Could Save You Money

Egnyte combines online backup, storage, and more, saving hassle and cost of running multiple solutions.

Protect Your Network With an Open-Source Firewall

When you need a robust firewall on a non-existent budget, here is an easy solution.

What is Antivirus 2010?

Lonerlady asked the Answer Line forum about this very insistent program

Avoid Windows Encryption

Belialxyn asked the Answer Line forum how to retrieve encrypted files after reinstalling Windows