Don't-Miss Security software Stories


The Art of Creating Strong Passwords

When it comes to password strength, educating users is just as important as enforcing policies.

Hardware Firewalls Bring Big Security to Small Businesses

Protect your company with an inexpensive unified security gateway.

Online Backups Save Up-Front Hardware Costs

Mozy charges monthly for licenses and storage space versus paying thousands up-front.

Better Business Endpoint Security Solutions

Integrated security suites make endpoint security simpler and more effective.

Make Remote Backups On the Cheap

Trade bandwidth with a friend or business so they host your backup and you host theirs.

A Barrage of Popups

A. Spencer typed the wrong URL into Internet Explorer, and pop-ups came faster than he could close them.

Security Software: Protection or Extortion?

Two PC World contributors square off to debate the necessity or nuisance of antimalware apps.

Three Free, Easy Ways To Protect Your Network

Locking down your business data doesn't have to cost a fortune. These security basics lay the foundation for network security.

Kidproof Your Home Office (and Officeproof Your Kid)

Working at home may seem like a dream come true, but it can turn nightmarish once you add kids to the equation. Here's how to make your telecommute a little more child-friendly.


Pin Down Your Passwords

As your password collection grows unruly, look to these password tools to manage them all.

Protect Your Data With Whole-Disk Encryption

Keep your sensitive information out of the hands of interlopers with secure encryption software.

Recover Your Laptop From Theft or Loss

Laptop recovery services can rescue a stolen PC and keep your data out of the hands of thieves, as long as you choose the right service for your needs.

What's the Safest Way To Download Software?

Mrs. Lynne wants to know how she can download software and be certain she's not getting something malicious.