Don't-Miss Security software Stories

Secure Your Vista PC in 10 Easy Steps

You don't necessarily need an expensive security suite to lock down Windows Vista. Here's how to do it using free software and a few easy system tweaks.

Give Would-Be Finders an Incentive to Return Your Lost Smartphone

Set a locked iPhone or BlackBerry to give return details so it can be reclaimed.

Log In and Configure a Router

Use your default router settings to gain access before configuring a network.

Securely Access E-Mail In Various Clients

SSL/TLS protects your e-mail connection even if your data is intercepted.

Restrict Wireless Access

Keep unknown clients off your network with these basics.

Logins Are Half Your Access

Passwords are only part of security; use unique logins for the full package.

How to Prevent Identity Theft

It's 2008. Do you know who has your Social Security number?

Manage Windows User Passwords

Create a USB thumb drive to reset a forgotten user password.

Block Ports to Restrict Online Access

Use router settings to keep employees honest.

Buy a Shredder Big Enough for Small Business

Don't save money if it will cost time.

Use Encryption to Safeguard Your Data

Encrypting your hard disk to protect your data doesn’t have to be a daunting task, thanks to a large number of practical tools.

Protect Your Data With a Secure Portable Drive

Traveling with sensitive business information can be risky. A hardware-encrypted hard drive can keep your files locked up on the road.

On The Defensive

Lock up employee data, or face the consequences.

5 Ways to Foil Hackers

Are you the only you out there? When it comes to protecting your identity, a bit of prevention is worth a megabyte of cure.

Unscramble This

Encrypting data can save you lots of heartache. How should you do it?