Don't-Miss Security software Stories

Search Ruling Makes Smartphone Security More Crucial

The California Supreme Court says cell phone data can be searched without a warrant, providing a powerful reminder to businesses to take data security seriously. Here are first steps.

New Year's Tech Resolutions for Small Businesses

Technology isn’t going to stop moving forward. It’s time to take stock of where your company’s tech is taking you--and of how to prepare for tomorrow.

Tech Support Showdown: Battle of the Big-Box Chains

When seeking tech support for your small business, could your best option be the nearest outlet of a chain retailer? Here's how tech help from big brands compares with that of independent IT shops.

Thin Clients Fit the Bill When PCs Are Overkill

Ultraslim terminals can reduce the costs and work involved in managing desktop systems.

Process Credit Cards Anywhere: 5 Smartphone Alternatives

These 5 services let you accept credit card payments with a smartphone.

Top Secret! Keep Your E-Mail Private and Secure

E-mail is one of the most common methods of communication today--but if you aren’t careful, those digital messages may be intercepted or exposed.

Secure Your PC and Website From Firesheep Session Hijacking

With the Firesheep plug-in, anyone on an open Wi-Fi network can hijack your session and access your accounts on Facebook, Gmail, and elsewhere. Here's how to keep your accounts safe and your business Website hijack-free.

How to Use Logs for Forensics After a Data Breach

Despite the best precautions, it is impossible to protect your network against every attack. When the inevitable happens, your log data can be critical for putting the pieces back together.

The 25 Worst High-Tech Habits (and How to Fix Them)

You’re doing a lot of stuff that's messing up your tech hardware--and your personal and professional life along with it. Here’s how to do better.

How to Fix a Windows Infection Using Linux

Even if you haven’t opted to run Linux on your computers, you can still use it to save malware-infected Windows machines.

How to Tame the Social Network at Work

What you don't know -- or refuse to learn -- about social networking could undermine your business

Six Business Security Leaks You Should Plug Now

Deal with these all-too-common dangers to your data and critical business operations before it's too late.

Recycling IT Assets Is Serious Business: How to Start

IT departments are learning to master the art of retiring hardware at the right time. Here's what to consider when recycling hardware your company no longer needs.