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One of the biggest threats that organizations face is losing sensitive data -- such as payment card or personally identifiable information about customers.

Wireless Security: Help Employees Avoid Hot-Spot Hazards

Here's how to ensure that employees don't reveal private data when they log into public Wi-Fi networks at hotels, coffee shops and Internet cafes.

How to Roll out Full Disk Encryption on Your PCs and Laptops

Hardly a week goes by when some organization or another doesn't lose some laptops and face a litany of IT security questions.

Make Money Selling Your Old Tech

Get paid to unload old gear instead of letting it languish in drawers and closets. Companies are willing to buy used electronics for reselling and recycling.

IT Pros: How to Avoid Lurking Legal 'Gotchas'

Ignorance and seemingly innocent activities can subject you to fines, lawsuits, and even jail. Here's how to play it safe.

How to Install the Latest Firefox 3.6.6 in Ubuntu Linux

Firefox 3.6.6 features browser crash prevention. Here's how to easily install it in Ubuntu Linux.

Just Over the Horizon, Private Clouds

With private clouds, companies may benefit from reduced costs, enhanced security, powerful data analysis, and custom business services.

How to Set Up a Secure Web Tunnel

Worried about Wi-Fi security while you're working on the road? Here's how to set up your own secure Web tunnel and keep your confidential data safe.

How to Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi makes it easier for you to work on the go--and easier for other people to sneak a peek at your data. We'll show you how to remain secure on public wireless networks.

What Size Flash Drive?

Zdrew wants to know how large a flash drive must be for maintenance programs

One or Two Anti-Malware Programs?

Jeremy Sutherland asked if it’s really a good idea to supplement your regular antivirus program with another one

Enterprise Security Tips on a Small-Business Budget

Big or small, you can't be too careful with your business's network security. Here are some industrial-strength security tips you can implement on a shoestring budget.

Saving Money, Space, and Energy With Blade Virtualization

How a Rhode Island law firm is doing more with less thanks to a virtualization makeover.