Don't-Miss Social networking software Stories

Simplify Your Facebook (and Twitter) Experience with Brizzly

Tired of Facebook's ad-heavy, overly cluttered interface? Brizzly strips away everything but the good stuff. It's a fine front end for Twitter, too.

Add Facebook Chat to Your Firefox Sidebar

Want to keep your Facebook chats going even while you're looking at other sites? Here's how.

Download Facebook Photo Albums in a Flash

Firefox users looking for an easy way to fetch their friends' photo albums should grab the FacePAD plug-in.

Remove Annoying Messages From Your Facebook Home Page

Do you care who took what quiz? Or who became friends with whom? The aptly named Facebook Purity script can block that and other Facebook-feed clutter.

How to Stop 11 Hidden Security Threats

Antivirus software and a firewall alone can't guarantee your safety. Here's how to foil the latest crop of sneaky attacks and nefarious attempts to steal your data.

Stream Your Social Life on Your Smartphone

Even a social networking addict can get tired of Twitter or fed up with Facebook on a smartphone. Tie your networks together with these aggregator apps.


'Fix' Facebook's New Home Page

Don't like the new 'News Feed' and 'View Live Feed' presentation? Here's an easy way to make Facebook like it was before.

Protect Your Privacy on Facebook and Twitter

Here's how to safeguard your identity and your personal data in the age of the social Web.

Share and Discover Music at

If you routinely find yourself tweeting about songs you like, offers a decidedly Twitter-like experience for listening to and talking about music.

Add Facebook Photos Via E-Mail

Want to upload a snapshot from your phone? Can't get into Facebook on your work PC? Either way, all you need is your custom "e-mail upload" address.

Update Your Facebook Status Via SMS

If you know how to send a text message, you can update Facebook without a PC.


Happn.In Shows Who's Tweeting About What in Your City

What's the buzz in Baltimore? The hot topic in Houston? corrals popular tweets from dozens of cities around the world.

Simplify Media Makes Your Music Library Social

This free service streams your songs and playlists to your friends' PCs, and lets you stream their songs and playlists to yours.