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Curb PC Annoyances: Windows 7, Office, and Monitor Tips

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Here are step by step instructions for setting up an Ubuntu Linux computer with a 23-inch LCD monitor for under $200.

Problem-Solving Apps: Classic Start Menu, Search Commands, Double Diver

These downloads give you back the familiar XP Start menu, let you find Office commands quickly, and back up your drivers.


Windows Tips: DIY Repair Disc, System Tray Tweak, Icon Fixes

Learn how to create a system repair disc for XP or Vista, add icons to the Windows 7 System Tray, and keep desktop icons in their places.


Simple Tips Banish Computing Hassles

Here's how to use Ctrl-Z for just about anything, add events to Google Calendar with your phone, and wrangle Windows 7 taskbar icons.


How to Easily Install Ubuntu Linux on Any PC

A step-by-step guide to installing Ubuntu, the most popular Linux distribution.


Customize Windows Media Center: Add Logos, Color-Code Lists, and More

Make WMC your own: tweak the buffer, add logos, color-code the guide, and block Internet TV.


Wrangle Your Desktop: Hide Icons, Beef Up Previews

Here's how to quickly hide your Windows icons, switch between external displays, and make those tiny taskbar thumbnails more useful.


Top Free Troubleshooting Tools for Windows

These seven handy tools help you diagnose and cure a wide range of Windows ills, and they're all free for the downloading


How to Give Your PC a Windows 7 Makeover

Some of Windows 7's new interface tweaks are pretty slick, which is why software developers have already started cranking out copycat tweaks.