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Free Screen-Sharing Tool Helps Businesses Collaborate

Yuuguu lets participants see your screen just by connecting through a web browser, with a free plan suited to occasional meetings.

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When Dick McGraw checks Windows Update, he wonders which patches he should download and install

Disaster! How to Retrieve a Deleted File

What you've accidentally erased isn't necessarily gone forever.


Fixes for Windows Annoyances: Auto Reboots, Mysterious Errors

Stop Windows from rebooting after updates, view really old files in current Office apps, and more.


Why the Slow Boots?

Cary Dwyer's PC used to boot quickly; not anymore


Add a Desktop Dictionary to Ubuntu

This simple little hack turns the Googlizer applet into a handy desktop dictionary.

Get More From Your Mouse

Use your mouse wheel to scroll tabs in Office and open new tabs in Firefox--plus, never double-click again.


Tips for Windows 7, Word 2007, and More

Tweak Windows and Word settings to suit your needs, switch to full-screen view, and streamline Windows patches.


Get Started With Virtualization

Here are eight tips to help put virtualization to work in your business.

Linux and Ksplice: Never Reboot Again

With this handy Linux utility, you can run your system virtually forever without rebooting.

Customize Your Windows Desktop

Learn how to reposition the taskbar, resize your icons, and save your desktop layout.


Window Tips: Windows 7 Shortcuts and More

Get your fresh tips here: Must-have Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts, XP backup tips, and jazzing up your Start menu.