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Windows 7: Five Unique Features

Is Windows 7 necessary? Yes, because some of its improved features simply aren't available for Vista or XP. Here are five reasons you'll eventually want to step up to Windows 7.


Windows 7 Features on a Vista or XP System

Windows 7 features like ISO image burning, Windows Search, and the great new Windows 7 Calculator are a big part of the new OS. Here's how you can get them--or features just as good--on your current Vista or XP system.


How To Run Windows Apps In Linux

Wine is a free, open-source way to run Windows apps on Linux

Can't Play DVDs

Rommel asked the Answer Line forum why DVD movies won't play on his XP PC


DIY Netbook Linux

There are a variety of netbook distros out there, but you can have a little fun creating your own. Here's how.

Fix Corrupt Drivers

Pinkston32 discovered about 20 missing or corrupt drivers messing up his system. He asked the Answer Line forum what to do.

Is It Time To Switch To An All-Wireless Network?

For aging business networks, dumping Ethernet in favor of a pure wireless infrastructure can save time and money.

Improve PC Speed and Security

Use file management and deletion software to clean your hard drive, and child-friendly tools to protect your family's privacy.


Add a Dropdown Terminal Window to Gnome With Tilda

Get more quicker access to your command line interface with this handy drop-down tool.

How to Tame Vista's User Account Control

In this screencast, senior editor Robert Strohmeyer walks through the steps you'll need to take to tame one of Vista's most annoying features: user account control.


Linux vs Windows: The Netbook Question

Jim Getten is planning to buy a netbook. Should he get one with Linux or Windows?


Switching My Dad to Linux--Part Two

Keir Thomas continues the saga of his father's switch to Ubuntu.

Switching My Dad to Linux--Part One

Keir Thomas has talked his dad into ditching Windows Vista and giving Ubuntu a try.