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Use these shortcuts to take screenshots, pin favorite tools to the Quick Launch toolbar, and rename a printer.


15 Common Small-Business Tech Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

15 Common Tech Mistakes Small-Businesses Make (and How to Avoid Them)

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Mouse clicks and thumbnails save you time in Word; free downloads make windows stay on top and clean out duplicate files.


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Here's how to find and eliminate PC clutter--and automate file organization so that it never crops up again.


Prepare Your PC for Future Data Disasters

You've reinstalled Windows and restored your data. Now learn how to make the restore process smarter, safer, and easier next time.


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Readers want to know how to troubleshoot Windows apps, make Office easier to use, and add more USB ports to a PC.


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Learn why the Recycle Bin may have disappeared, and how to get it back.


How to Prevent Windows From Rebooting Without Permission

Tired of losing your work when Windows restarts while you're away? Here's how to solve the problem.


Is It Really Necessary to Update Windows?

Patches for Windows seem to arrive in a constant, annoying stream, but avoiding them is a bad idea.


Why Won't Windows Delete a File?

Though deleting seems to be a simple task, sometimes Windows balks at the idea. Find out why.


How to Use Windows' Sticky Keys

Designed to improve accessibility, the Sticky Keys feature simplifies keyboard shortcuts in Windows.


The 21 Greatest PC Mysteries--Solved!

Find out why your documents won’t print, where your downloads disappear to, what a .dat file is, how those infernal toolbars invaded your browser, and much more.