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15 Things Every PC User Should Know

Whether you're a grizzled tech veteran or an uninitiated newbie, here are 15 essential facts and tricks that you ought to know.


Install All Your Favorite Freeware in One Fell Swoop

Free tool Ninite lets you pick and choose the software you want, then installs it all automatically.


Solve On-the-Go Hassles: Wi-Fi Woes, Sluggish Netbooks

Here's how to troubleshoot slow networking on a hotspot, speed up your netbook with a new OS, and get 250MB of free online storage with Dropbox.

Give Your Netbook an OS Makeover with Jolicloud

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Get a Deal on Windows 7, Learn Office 2010 for Free

Pay only $30 for Windows 7 (if you're a student), and learn Office 2010 from two free books.


How to Set Up a Virtualization Server

Virtualizing even a small infrastructure can ease administration and reduce costs. Here's what to look for in a host server, network interfaces, power supplies, and virtualization software.

5 Ways to Use Bootable Linux Live Discs

Work anonymously, secure your network, and other clever reasons to run Linux from a "live CD" rather than installing it on your hard drive.

Restore Outlook After a Windows 7 Upgrade

Bilpet, planning a clean upgrade to Windows 7, asked the Answer Line forum how to transfer Outlook 2007 data and settings