Don't-Miss Utility software Stories

Laptop Helpers: TouchpadPal, BatteryBar

Solve laptop hassles with free tools that disable your touchpad while you're typing, and keep you updated on your battery's condition.

Get a Better Battery Gauge for Your Laptop

Fab freebie BatteryBar is the single best thing to happen to laptops since Wi-Fi. It shows you everything you need to know about your battery.

Disable Your Laptop's Touchpad While You Type, Windows 7 Edition

If you're a Windows 7 user, here's a utility that should solve the maddening problem of accidental touchpad swipes. And it's free!

Keep Your PC Awake, Install Apps Fast, and More--for Free

Free apps and services keep your computer awake while it's idle, download and install apps all at once, and give you a real Facebook Dislike button.

How to Share Printers on a Network

Sharing printers across a network distributes their cost as well as their functionality. Here's a quick network printing guide for small businesses.

Keep Your Computer 'Awake' with Mouse Jiggler

This handy freebie stops your computer from going to sleep or launching your screensaver--without any input from you.

Dumb Tech Mistakes

Crazy4laptops asked the Windows forum about “not so smart moments with computers?”

How to Roll out Full Disk Encryption on Your PCs and Laptops

Hardly a week goes by when some organization or another doesn't lose some laptops and face a litany of IT security questions.

15 Things Every PC User Should Know

Whether you're a grizzled tech veteran or an uninitiated newbie, here are 15 essential facts and tricks that you ought to know.


5 Amazing Windows UI Tweaks

Want to wow people with your PC? Here's how to spice up your tech life with widgets, wallpaper, and multitouch screens.

Back Up Multiple Computers on One External Drive

ArloG asked the Storage forum if one can back up more than one PC onto a single external hard drive.

Add Keyboard LEDs to Your System Tray

This tiny utility shows at-a-glance if your Caps Lock, Num Lock, and/or Scroll Lock are activated.

Give Your Phone the Power of a Desktop PC

Cross-platform apps such as Firefox Portable Edition, Portable, and Audacity Portable will give your phone full PC capabilities.

Stop Frustrating Pauses in YouTube Videos

A free utility promises to make video-buffering interruptions a thing of the past. But does it work?

Protect your MP3s

DrZeus asked the Answer Line forum for the safest possible way to protect his large .mp3 collection