Don't-Miss Utility software Stories

Back Up Multiple Computers on One External Drive

ArloG asked the Storage forum if one can back up more than one PC onto a single external hard drive.

Add Keyboard LEDs to Your System Tray

This tiny utility shows at-a-glance if your Caps Lock, Num Lock, and/or Scroll Lock are activated.

Give Your Phone the Power of a Desktop PC

Cross-platform apps such as Firefox Portable Edition, Portable, and Audacity Portable will give your phone full PC capabilities.

Stop Frustrating Pauses in YouTube Videos

A free utility promises to make video-buffering interruptions a thing of the past. But does it work?

Protect your MP3s

DrZeus asked the Answer Line forum for the safest possible way to protect his large .mp3 collection


Sync Outlook with Your Google Calendar

Google's free Calendar Sync utility makes fast and easy work of keeping these two popular entities in sync.

How to Leave Work Early

Use these tools and Web services to improve your productivity and shorten your workday.

Use Mozy 2.0 to Create a Local Backup

Mozy already rocks as an online backup service. The new 2.0 version adds a local option for twice the data protection.

View, Print, and Back Up Your Drivers

Fab freebie Double Driver makes simple work of preserving all your drivers. Hey, you just never know when you'll need them.

Create a System-Repair Disc in Windows Vista

That's right, Vista. Some users still run it, believe it or not. And now's the perfect time to enact that system-repair fail-safe plan

Restore the Classic 'All Programs' Menu in Windows 7

Miss the way Windows XP would show all your installed software in one big list? Here are two ways to restore that capability in Windows 7.

Remote Access Buyer's Guide

Keep your workers connected to the office no matter where they roam. Here's your essential primer on remote access apps and services for small businesses.

Recover Files From a NAS

Frederic Hugues asked about recovering missing files from an NAS drive