Don't-Miss Utility software Stories

Windows 7's Built-in Backup

Robert wants to know if Windows 7’s built-in backup program is worth using

How to Start Up Your PC Faster

Tips and quick fixes for faster boot times.


Reasons to Partition

Michael Crandall wants to know if dividing his hard drive into multiple, smaller partitions will improve its speed

Automate Common Tasks with AutoHotKey

The unsung hero of the Windows world, AHK lets you automate just about anything. It can also expand abbreviated text as you type.

Add Network Folders to Windows 7 Libraries

The free Win7 Library Tool improves on one of Windows 7's best features and even lets you back up your library configuration.

Make Your New PC Hassle-Free, Part 4: Create a Drive Image

The time may come when you need to restore your PC. Instead of going all the way back to square one, use an "image" of your system as it exists right now.

How to Automate Windows 7 Backups

How to set up and automate backups in Windows 7.


Is Backing Up Online Safe?

LaTonya Powell asked if online backup is really secure

Free Must-Have Tools, Bargain-Basement Backup

FixWin lets you fix many Windows glitches; Paint.NET gives you pro-quality image editing. Plus, Carbonite has a limited-time offer.


Maintenance Reminder

Bill wants to be automatically reminded when to defrag his hard drive, remove junk, and do other chores.

Fix Common Windows Problems With One Click

The aptly named FixWin utility puts the hurt on 50 Windows glitches--no Registry tinkering required.

The Computer Maintenance Flash Drive

Andy Ludlum asked me to recommend portable diagnostic programs to keep on a flash drive.

Get Detailed Information About Your PC

A free utility reveals all kinds of techie data about your hardware, everything from the motherboard to the RAM to the graphics card.