Don't-Miss Utility software Stories

How to Manage Users in Windows 7

Use Windows 7's built-in tools to manage multiple users on your PC and your network.

Back Up and Restore Across Windows Versions

Alvin Hurd asked if he can restore a Vista backup in XP. I answer both his question and the reverse one.

Optimize Your Windows 7 PC

Squeeze the very best performance out of your PC with these Windows 7 optimization tricks.


Get Started With Windows 7 XP Mode

Here's the quick way to set up and use XP Mode on your Windows 7 PC.

Organize Your Desktop Icons with Fences

Stardock's fantastic free utility makes it a snap to arrange your apps, shortcuts, folders, and other desktop clutter.

MouseExtender Puts a Program Launcher Underneath Your Cursor

This terrific new freebie puts your favorite apps and folders right under your middle fingertip.

Disaster! How to Retrieve a Deleted File

What you've accidentally erased isn't necessarily gone forever.


Mail Archive Tool Frees Server Space and Boosts Performance

ArchiveOne Express offloads medium- and small-sized business' email, creating endless inbox space and making server hardware last longer.

Three Essential Freeware Disk Tools

These valuable tools help IT pros deal with everyday disk challenges.

Multi-Function File Host Could Save You Money

Egnyte combines online backup, storage, and more, saving hassle and cost of running multiple solutions.

Avoid Windows Encryption

Belialxyn asked the Answer Line forum how to retrieve encrypted files after reinstalling Windows

Automated Tool Tracks Business Hardware and Software

Network Inventory Advisor saves time from manually maintaining a list of PC software and hardware details, even alerting you if an employee makes a change.

Smartphone Tool Improves IT Response Time

Rove Mobile Admin could reduce your technology downtime by letting IT workers manage issues from a smartphone.

Applications on a Flash Drive

Joseph Mott wants to put Microsoft Office onto a flash drive

How to Resurrect a Crashed Hard Drive

Recover data using the freezer and Frisbee tricks and more.