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Save $100: Replace Windows 7 Professional's Big Features with Freeware!

Are you stuck between Windows 7's $200 Windows Home Premium and $300 Professional versions? Here's how you can get Professional's best features... for free!


More on Image Backups

Mike Bell asked the Answer Line forum what an image backup actually backs up; I offer more advice than he asked for

Online Backups Save Up-Front Hardware Costs

Mozy charges monthly for licenses and storage space versus paying thousands up-front.

Know Your Software to Make the Most of Your Time

Online video tutorials from can pay you back by boosting employee efficiency.

Be Everywhere At Once With Remote Access Software

Techinline lets you troubleshoot remote PCs, trimming the cost of just walking down a hall to flying across the country.

Linux and Ksplice: Never Reboot Again

With this handy Linux utility, you can run your system virtually forever without rebooting.

Save Time By Scanning Paper Documents

Digitize physical files to save space and retrieve them with quick searches. You can even outsource the scanning process.

Save Your Desktop Icon Layout

Tired of your icons getting messed up every time there's a screen-resolution change? This freeware utility lets you save and restore your favorite layouts.

Stop Wasting Money With Needless Printing

Print Job Manager tracks and polices office printing, culminating in potentially big savings over time.

On Your Side: Trouble With an Incompatible Laptop Hard Drive

A reader's purchase of a solid-state drive from goes bad. Also: Samsung recalls three months' worth of Jitterbug cell phones.

Make Remote Backups On the Cheap

Trade bandwidth with a friend or business so they host your backup and you host theirs.

Free Help Desk Software Manages Tech Needs

With several free packages available, don't need to pay for robust help desk software.

Should I Image the Hard Drive or Clone It?

Tom Luoma asked why I often recommend backing up your hard drive with imaging software, but never mention cloning software.

Digitize All of Your Old Media

Back up a lifetime of memories to digital media so they'll be able to withstand the test of time.


Add System-Wide PDF Creation for Free

PDFCreator acts as a printer, letting you export PDF files within your applications.