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Master the Software Updating Process to Keep Your PC Safe and Stable

Running the latest versions of software helps keep your computer secure from malicious software. Here's how to manage software updates for all your major apps.

57 Amazing Things You Didn't Know Your Tech Could Do!

We've worked long and hard to come up with the best tips and tricks for your PCs, smartphones, cameras, game controllers, music players, and the Web. Let's start with PC, laptop, and networking tips.

Disk Defrag Help From Hassle-Free PC

PC World blogger Rick Broida's brand-new PC kept bogging down. The culprit? Vista's Disk Defragmenter.

Turn Your Caps-Lock Key Into a Mute Button

No Mute button on your keyboard? Here's a simple way to transform your Caps-Lock key into something more useful.


Miraplacid Publisher Converts PDFs Every Which Way

Print any file to an image or PDF with this handy, but pricey, utility.

Kidproof Your Home Office (and Officeproof Your Kid)

Working at home may seem like a dream come true, but it can turn nightmarish once you add kids to the equation. Here's how to make your telecommute a little more child-friendly.

Instantly Back Up Desktop Files and Folders to Your Webmail Account

Freebie utility Backup to Email makes quick work of sending important files to cyberspace for safekeeping.

Easily Control a Remote PC From Anywhere

Monitor, control, and manage a distant PC--even one with a different OS--from your desktop.

How to Instantly Shut Down Your PC

Keyboard shortcuts and other tips to shut down and log off fast.


Protect Your Data With Whole-Disk Encryption

Keep your sensitive information out of the hands of interlopers with secure encryption software.

How to Recreate 13 iPhone 3.0 Features Right Now!

Can't stand waiting until the summer to get all the latest iPhone 3.0 improvements? We've tracked down 13 features that you can get right now using both third-party and Apple-sanctioned applications!

Recover Your Laptop From Theft or Loss

Laptop recovery services can rescue a stolen PC and keep your data out of the hands of thieves, as long as you choose the right service for your needs.

A Better PDF Reader

You don't have to put up with Adobe Reader