Don't-Miss Utility software Stories

Compare and Sync Any Two Folders with FreeFileSync

This open-source (read: free) utility provides powerful, visual folder-comparison and -sync capabilities.

Do More With Your Middle Mouse Button

Free utility X-Mouse Button Control lets you reprogram just about every aspect of your mouse, including the often-overlooked middle button.

Back Up a Bootable CD or DVD

A41202813 asked the Answer Line forum for the best way to turn a bootable optical disc, like a CD or DVD, into a file that you could burn back into a bootable disc.

Free Tools to Wipe Your Drives Securely

Properly clear off old data from a flash drive, hard-disk drive, solid-state drive, or hybrid hard drive--at no cost.

Expand Your Smartphone's Battery Life

The battery in Marjorie Hoosier's smartphone doesn't last through the day. She asked the Cell Phones, Mobile Devices forum for advice.


How To Update Your PC’s BIOS

A BIOS update can give your PC a new lease on life. But if you do it incorrectly, it could prevent your computer from starting normally.


Tools for Smartphone-Only Travel

Pulling off laptop-free business travel requires new hardware, a handful of apps and some extra planning. These tools can help.


Outlook 2010 Cheat Sheet: Visual Tour

Find your way around Microsoft Outlook 2010 and the Ribbon interface.


How Do I Back Up?

I keep telling readers to back up their hard drives. Starlla Dupert asked me how.

Looking for an Information Program

Pilege21 asked the Other Software & Services forum to recommend a program that can provide hardware information

Troubleshooting Tips, Free Windows Optimization Tool

Basic tips for diagnosing a mysterious Windows freeze, plus a review of Advanced SystemCare Free 5.

Optimize Your PC with Advanced SystemCare 5 Free

The latest version of Iobit's freebie does a good job of cleaning and fine-tuning your machine.

Practical Tips for Working Over the Holidays

Nobody wants to work when most people are on vacation, but if you run your own business you may have no choice.